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News Spotlight

New Matboard Pricing is Here!

Find it under the Full Line Catalog link at the bottom of the page.

Hello Everyone!

Our new Wood Price List is now available under our Full Line Catalog link at the bottom of the page.You can also check out our new terms by clicking below:
Both the new pricing, as well as terms, are effective today, 5/1/2019.


Important Updates

Check out  our new catalogs under the ‘Full Line Catalogs’ link, located at the bottome of the page!

Here you will find all of our catalogs with their respective price lists (You must be looged in to view pricing). Please check back often and keep in mind that the date indicated after each item is the last date the item was updated.

P.O.S. System Users
We have encountered some customers having difficulty finding some Designer mouldings on their P.O.S. Systems. When searching for an item, please be sure to enter "EVW". If your Designer sample has an 'S' at the end of its item number, DO NOT INCLUDE THE S IN YOUR SEARCH. The "S" is a way for Designer to label their samples, but it is not included in the actual part number.Thank You!