Terms of Sale & General Information

Updated June 21, 2024

When we first meet our potential partners we take the steps to learn a bit about their business. This allows us to serve them in the best manner possible. Our intent in seeking this information is to ensure that we are not consuming your time with communication that is not pertinent to you and your business. We do not share your information and we do not send unnecessary emails that aren’t of value to your business. Feel free to call (800-873-3300) or email us (evaldmoulding@evaldmoulding.com) to get started.

Credit can be established by completing Evald’s credit application in full. We require three trade references along with name/address of your business banking institution. Please allow up to 2 weeks processing time before an account can be opened with open account terms. Generally the speed of our reply is driven by the responsiveness of the references listed. Limits may apply where applicable.

The open account terms being offered to qualified accounts will be indicated in a letter stating the terms being offered. If we decline to offer credit, that will also be communicated with you.

Credit terms may allow for a 2% net discount for payments made within 10 days from the invoice date (except when a credit card is used). No adjustments will be made on missed discounts due to failure to pay within the prescribed 10 days following the marked invoice date for eligible accounts.
Payment(s) will be applied to the oldest invoice first. Please include your account number on your check when remitting payment.
Paying a balance on an open account via credit card will be subject to a 4% convenience fee which is less than our credit card processing cost on average. Credit card maybe used without the fee if the payment method is stated to be Credit Card at the original point of order (See below)
The 2% discount is not applicable on credit card purchases.

Additional notes for open terms with Evald Moulding Company:
Statements will only be sent to past due accounts or upon request.
A late payment/finance fee of 1.5% (18% annually) will be charged on all past due accounts.
Orders will be sent COD if account is 30 days past due or will be held until payment is received.
There will be a $35.00 minimum charge for all returned checks.

For immediate ordering, we accept COD, cash in advance, or the following credit cards.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.
Credit cards transactions are subject to being processed up to 24 hours prior to the planned order delivery date.
Please contact Evald customer service to discuss the COD options available to you.

For special items or custom quotes, terms will be established on a per order or program basis.

Evald does not require a minimum order value; however, we encourage you to reach purchases that will bring you the greatest value when it comes to the cost of shipping or delivery.

All telephone orders are entered directly into the computer and read back. Please listen carefully and make corrections at that time. Once the order is read back we consider the order correct. We cannot issue a credit, change the size, decrease the quantity or adjust the style once the order has been read back and processed. We also cannot set a new order to ship in the same package with an already processed order. Please call to verify if your order has already been processed in case of desired adjustments.

Orders placed at www.evaldmoulding.com are verified by our customer service team before entry. If an issue arises or clarification is needed on any certain item we will contact you via email or phone.

Please give the following information when ordering:
Business name or account number
Name of person ordering

Evald’s operating hours are M-TH 8:00am-4:30 CST, F 8:00am-3:30 CST.
24 hour ordering via
Fax: 800-871-4771
Our handy website, www.evaldmoulding.com
Or via email at evaldmoulding@evaldmoulding.com
Chops and length orders will ship same day if the order is placed before 2:30 pm CST. (1:30PM CST for UPS shipments)
Delivery orders can be placed up to 2:30PM for next day delivery.

Evald offers length moulding in single full stick quantities and can offer higher quantities where requested. Due to variance in supplier packaging practices we do not offer a “box” price but will readily review greater quantities on a case by case basis to ensure we make the best offer at the time the moulding is needed. This can include a review of the best LTL rates for orders requiring LTL shipment.
Evald will make an effort to review length moulding for obvious warping or uncharacteristic marks when moulding is not in the original factory wrapping. Please ensure that you order enough to accommodate the frame you are ordering with a bit of excess to cover cutting the best portions from the stick.
Cutting instructions for length should be given to accommodate your final frame size needs. Please indicate how to cut your length (6 inch increments only) if shipping UPS or Spee-Dee at time of order to avoid oversize charges (please contact your carrier for current size restrictions). If no cutting instructions are given, we will cut according to the below table:
9’ cut 5 & 4
10’ cut 6 & 4
Over 10’ cut 6 & balance

All chops & joined frames are cut with a 1/8” allowance unless otherwise requested by the customer at the time of their order.
(example: 1/16” allowance, exact, 3/16” canvas allowance)
Minimum size for wood is 4 inches by 4 inches.
Evald will chop to your specifications. See diagram below:
Site cut: cut to exact inside edge (“A”)
Standard cut: 1/8” allowance (“B”)
Outside dimension: cut to exact outside edge (“C”)
Exact Cut=NO allowance
Floater frames are cut to the exact inside dimension. Please include canvas spacing when placing your order

Any moulding with a double rabbet is cut to the top rabbet unless otherwise specified.

THUMBNAIL (also referred to as “wedge” or “insert”)
Thumbnail service is available on most Evald wood chops.
1-insert $2.50 per frame
2-insert $4.00 per frame
3-insert $5.00 per frame
When selecting this option, corners of the moulding are routed and plastic wedges are shipped to you with your chop. To assemble, apply wood glue such as Maxim Wood Glue, to the mitre and insert the plastic wedge(s). Adjusting of the corners will be needed. Allow the glue to dry before handling. Keep in mind that not all of our profiles can be inserted (this is indicated in The Woods Price List).

An assembly charge of $8.50 will be added to attach each stacked frame.
To order a stacked frame (chop, join, readymade):
#1 @ (your size here)
#2 cut to fit around #1
& Attach (Only add this if you want us to attach the frames together at Evald)

To order a stacked frame including a fillet:
#1 @ (your size here)
#2 cut to fit around #1
#3 to fit inside #2

REINFORCING BRACES (L Brackets and Bracing Bars)
To reinforce the integrity of polystyrene frames we recommend using corner reinforcements on any frames over the size of 16×20. There is a $11.00 charge for the purchase & attachment of corner reinforcements. This method may also be applied to large stretcher frames
Bracing bars are installed on stretcher frames at a fee of $3.50 for each brace.

Fillets are cut exact. Please indicate how you would like these cut at time of order:
Site cut: cut to exact inside edge (“A”)
Standard cut (“B”)
Outside dimension (“C”)

Evald offers readymade pricing on select moulding. To qualify for readymade pricing a purchase of three (3) or more frames of any size of the same readymade (RM) eligible frame must be purchased.
To qualify the frames must be on the same order; no exceptions will be made for add-ons to receive the discount.
For orders that are less than three of the given RM eligible moulding please refer to the joined frame price level
Readymade frames will be offered with a standard 1/8” allowance

Pricing is list price of mats required plus $9 for the first opening and $4 for each additional opening on 4 and 6 ply board. 8 ply boards are billed at $18 each for single openings, and $9 for each additional opening. Please call for a quote for any special projects you might have. Special cuts on openings are available.
If the mat layout and dimensions are not established by the customer a design charge of $100 per hour will be added. The minimum billable design time is 15 minutes or $25.
When ordering a foam board cut to solid sizes, there will be an upcharge of 30% per board.

If we don’t stock a particular moulding or other items, we will try to locate it for you or find the closest substitute available. Some conditions & fees apply:
Freight Charges. Special order items being drop shipped will incur shipping costs that the customer is responsible for.
Non-Returnable. Once the customer approves the order, these items are non-returnable and nonrefundable.
Special order items are not subject to promotional offers unless specified in the promotional announcement.

If you have a frequently used moulding that you would like to improve your margins on, consider importing with Evald. We can support the process from idea to your door. This is a great way to improve your bottom line for those items you use at a volume of at least 1000 linear feet per order. Increases in volume drive better value.

On occasions where we are out of stock on a specific product, we will keep backorders on record and you will be contacted when the items is back in stock. Freight or shipping charges will apply to backorder items once they are back in stock.

Evald offers delivery service to select areas with our very own trucks. The fees for this delivery service are as follows.
Orders over $200: FREE delivery
Orders over $150 – 199.99 will have a $7 delivery charge
Orders over $75 – 149.99 will have a $14 delivery charge
Orders $74.99 or less: $20 delivery charge
We do NOT charge a fuel surcharge
If we attempt to deliver but no one is there to accept, and there was no notice prior to let us know an alternate delivery, there will be a $20 failed delivery fee.
Our daily delivery timeframe is within the hours of 7:30AM to 7:30PM. We cannot readily accommodate a guaranteed delivery time within any given day due to delivery stop changes from week to week. Please make arrangements if you suspect you will not be available to accept delivery of materials from our driver(s). If you have not made arrangements for safe placement of materials when you are not present we will not leave the materials and you will be charged $20 for the attempted and failed delivery. We will automatically plan to deliver the order the following week when this is the case.
If you have made arrangements to leave a product in a designated area without proper protection Evald Moulding will not be responsible for damaged product that results from theft, weather, or other handling issues.

Spee-Dee delivery and UPS are our preferred carriers for small package shipments; contact us if you prefer to arrange your own carrier.

Evald will offer “FREE” shipping via Spee-Dee on chop orders over $100. (Excludes oversize, account must be current).
The guidelines for oversize can be found in the following links.
UPS Large Package Specifications
Spee-Dee Delivery Additional Charge Specifications
Please contact our team for any other offers related to shipping that are tailored to your needs.

There is a packing fee for Spee-Dee and UPS shipments. They are as follows:
The packing fee for readymade or joined frames is $8 per box, and we will accommodate as many frames as possible per box.
Chops and length moulding is not subject to a packing charge.
Single sheets of mat board/foam board are subject to box or packaging charges;
Cut Mats: $5.50
32×40: $7.00 per box (accommodates 25 mats)
40×60: $8.75 per box (accommodates 25 mats)
Due to the fragile nature of matboard we recommend filling the box with foam or flawboard to mitigate damage to the matboard. In certain circumstances the handling methods of common carriers will result in some minor damages. Evald moulding will not be able to offer coverage for freight damage caused by the carrier.

Sheet other than a full box of matboard, foamboard, or acrylic that is 48×96 will incur a $10.50 handling fee for protective packaging.

Inspect all items upon receipt (within one calendar week from date of delivery). Please keep any packaging in cases where handling by a carrier other than Evald may play a role in the damages; please notify the carrier if there was damage to the box. Please notify Evald immediately if there is a problem or discrepancy to ensure a proper resolution.

If there is a problem with your order, replacements will be delivered with your next order on your standard delivery day unless shipping is the only method of supplying the replacement. If you require the replacement sooner than your next delivery, shipping charges will apply. If you need your replacement but you have no other order in house for delivery, please specify this at time of order. Delivery charges will apply.

If product is returned for reasons other than an issue generated by Evald Moulding, we must be notified within 30 days of receipt. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from an Evald Customer Service Representative. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) will be issued according to this policy. Our customer will be responsible for the cost of original shipping plus a 35% restocking fee. Frames or chops that are under 25 united inches will be subject to a 75% restocking fee.

No returns or credits will be accepted after 30 days from receipt of goods.

We will not accept returns or issue credit on the following examples:
Length moulding that has been altered or defaced with writing or tape applied in a manner that has damaged the finish.
Moulding that has been cut after receipt.
Any moulding that has not been re-wrapped to protect it from damages for return.
Any chop that has been joined or assembled or readymade, or joined frame that has been altered in any way (i.e. framers points and paper/ATG tape were adhered to the frame before indicating the frame was defective).
Evald Delivery will NOT pick up items unless you have contacted the office for a pre-authorized return slip to be added to the driver’s itinerary.

Evald is not liable for loss or damage by carrier. In the event of damage, save the merchandise and original packaging so that a proper claim can be filed with the carrier. Immediate notification and/or photos upon arrival may aide a more efficient resolution. If packaging is not available for review the claim may be denied by the carrier and Evald Moulding.

Corner samples are generally available to help our partners show the products we both would love to see our customers purchase. Most samples are provided at no cost to you. This process is quite costly and impacts our ability to keep prices fair for our partners. If you request a sample we will work our hardest to enable you as best as we can. On larger product introductions we ask that you be patient with our efforts to distribute the substantial volume of samples we get requests for each day.

While we offer free samples (excluding specified Signature lines), we can only hold them in house for 2 weeks upon completion once you are notified. If an order is placed in that period of time, we will make sure the samples are sent with said order. If no order is placed, we will ship/mail your samples the most cost effective method available. The customer will be responsible for the freight cost.

Should you find that you are not able to place our samples onto your wall or you find a style that once had appeal has moved into the “no go” pile, please let us know right away. We’d be happy to help those samples find a new home other than the landfill. Of equal importance is hearing your feedback on this product and how it found its way out of your heart.


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