Tips & Tricks of the Trade!

Kool Tack How-To

Dust Cover Adhesive (ES1800)

Metal Frame Assembly

Here is a step by step list of how to assemble a metal frame.
You will need a polybag of hardware (ES1000), a screwdriver, and your 4 frame rails.
Let’s do this!

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Wood Security How-To

Ever been out to eat and you see frames SCREWED THROUGH THE FRONT!? Does it hurt your framer heart? Well, here is the alternative! Using a Wood Security Lock (ES1610), your frame will be ‘locked’ to the wall from the back, keeping the front of your frames hole free!

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Metal Security How-To

Using a Metal Security Lock is a great option for art that will be in a well trafficked area, or even in settings such as hospitality, healthcare, and so on. This allows your art to not only be hung, but also to be ‘locked’ on the wall preventing shifting or undesired removal.

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