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We have a select group of mouldings that will be closeouts/Inventory reduction and sale items.

Evald moulding is always trying to have the best moulding on hand and some moulding is discontinued from the vendor or hasn't been moving and we are trying to reduce inventory. We will then put these picture frame mouldings on our closeout/inventory reduction section of the website. These picture frame mouldings will then be discounted either 20% or up to 40% off! Take a look at our sale area for simple sale items (which may be current stock but just on special) or our closeout/inventory reduction mouldings.

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Important Updates

You will notice the bottom of the webpage looks a bit different. Our new catalogs will be under the ‘2018 Full Line Catalogs’ link, keeping it separated from the discontinued & outs and such, for a more convenient user experience. For now, wood & supplies pricing can be calculated by signing into the website and looking at the specific item number. Please bear with us while we finish up this changeover, and thank you for your patience!