Lighted Display Case

LED Lighted Display Cases

These display cases are deep enough to hold numerous keepsakes and light up for a beautiful display to showcase your items.

FW2057 Lighted Display Case w/White Mat 14x14   

FW2058 Lighted Display Case w/Black Mat 14x14  

FW2059 Lighted Display Case w/White Mat 12x21  

FW2060 Lighted Display Case w/Black Mat 12x21  

FW2061 Lighted Display Case w/White Mat 16x21  

FW2062 Lighted Display Case w/Black Mat 16x21   

Please take a look at the link below in order to see the specific choices.

News Spotlight

Inclement Weather, cont.
We here at Evald hold our employees safety to the highest degree, and sometimes that means our delivery service will be suspended. More often than not, this means your delivery from us will be set to the following week - weather permitting. But don’t worry; we have options!
1) You can come pick up your order from Evald (we don’t have 4-wheel drive, but if you do… 1 free donut in the parking lot upon pickup!)

2) We can ship your items out via Speedee or UPS, and only your standard delivery fee would apply (oversize and cases of glass excluded)

If these don’t work, give us a call and we can work with you should a problem arise.


Thanks everyone, and stay safe!

At this time, the website CANNOT SEND EMAILS. We are recieving your web orders on the back end of the site, however it is unable to send you a confirmation once the order is placed, and it will give you an error message of "Unable to Send".

We are working to fix this as fast as possible.


Important Updates

Due to winter finally arriving here in Watertown,  Evald Moulding will be closed today, Friday January 12th. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will be back in first thing Monday raring to go!


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