These terms replace all previous versions by Evald Moulding. (07-2017)


New Accounts

       To qualify as a wholesale buyer, a seller’s permit and signed tax exempt certificate from the buyer’s state is required.

        Evald does not require a minimum order value; however, we encourage you to reach purchases that will bring you the greatest value when it comes to the cost of shipping or delivery. 


Payment Terms

        We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover

       Evald’s open account terms are 2% 10 net 30 days of invoice for qualified accounts.  No adjustments will be made on missed 2% discounts.

o   Credit can be established by completing Evald’s credit application in full.  We require three trade references along with name/address of your business banking institution.  Please allow up to 4 weeks processing time before an account can be opened with open account terms.  Limits may apply.

o   Additional notes for open terms with Evald Moulding Company:

§  Statements will only be sent to past due accounts or upon request.

§  A late payment/finance fee of 1.5% (18% annually) will be charged on all past due accounts.

§  Orders will be sent COD if account is 30 days past due or will be held until payment is received.

§  There will be a $35.00 minimum charge for all returned checks.

§  When remitting payment, please include account and invoice number on check.

o   For immediate ordering, we accept COD, cash in advance, or credit cards listed above.

        COD options do exist, please contact us for details.


Order Size Discounts

       Evald appreciates your business.  We know at times your volume dictates a little bit better demonstration of our appreciation.  To support that, we offer the following as a standard discount structure for orders at the given volume shown:

o   Chop/Join/Ready-join (Ready Join was introduced in the Fall 2016 launch)

§  $250  5% 

§  $500  10% 

§  $1000  15% 

§  $1500  20% 

o   Length

§  300’  5%

§  500’ 10%

§  1,000  20%

§  Call for a special quote on quantities greater than 1500’.

§  We are also available to aide in clarification on box volumes of certain moulding.  Generally, box volumes vary by moulding and will require a special quote.

       These discounts cannot be combined with other promotional offers.



Ordering from Evald Moulding

       All telephone orders are entered directly into the computer and read back.  Please listen carefully and make corrections at that time.  Once the order is read back we consider the order correct.  We cannot issue a credit, change the size, decrease the quantity or adjust the style once the order has been read back and processed.  Please call to verify if your order has already been processed in case of desired adjustments.

       Please give the following information when ordering:

o   Business name or account number 

o   Name of person ordering 

o   If order is to be chopped, chopped & thumb-nailed, ready-joined ready-made or length

o   Cutting instructions if length: If no cutting instructions are given, it will be cut accordingly:

§  9’ cut 5 & 4

§  10’ cut 6  & 4

§  Over 10’ cut 6 & balance

·         Length can be cut per foot or half foot

o   Specific allowances or special instructions

o   Shipping via (if a preferred carrier is required)

       Order Processing Time

o   Evald’s operating hours are M-F 8:00am-4:30 CST.

o   24 hour ordering via

§  Fax: 800-871-4771

§  Our handy website, www.evaldmoulding.com

§  Or via email at evaldmoulding@evaldmoulding.com

o   Chops and length ship same day if placed before 2:30 pm CST.

o   Delivery orders can be placed up to 2:30PM for next day delivery.

o   Ready-joined and Joined frames may require an extra working day.  We can indicate at the time of order if any troubles may be in store for a quick turnaround.


        Cut/Assembly Practices and Fees

o   All chops and ready-joined frames are cut with a 1/8” allowance unless otherwise requested by the customer during the ordering process.

§  (example: 1/16” allowance, exact, 3/16” canvas allowance)

o   Minimum size for both wood and metal is 4 inches by 4 inches.

o   Evald will chop to your specifications.  See diagram below:

    A.   Site cut: cut to exact inside edge

B.   Standard cut: 1/8” allowance

C.   Outside dimension: cut to exact outside edge

a.    Exact Cut=NO allowance

D.   Shadowboxes are always cut to the top rabbet unless otherwise specified.

E.   Floater frames are cut to exact inside dimension.

a.    Please include canvas spacing when placing your order.



       Thumbnail (also referred to as “wedge” or “insert”)

o   Thumbnail service is available on most Evald wood chops.

o   1-insert $2.25 per frame      

o   2-insert $3.75 per frame

o   3-insert $4.50 per frame

        Stacked Frames

o   An assembly charge of $5 will be added to attach stacked frames.

        Reinforcing Braces (L Brackets and Bracing Bars)

o   Due to the structure of polystyrene frames, they are not meant to hold much weight. Because of this, we recommend using corner reinforcements on any frames over the size of 16x20. There is a $10.00 charge for the purchase & attachment of corner reinforcements.  This method may also be applied to large stretcher frames

o   Bracing bars are installed on stretcher frames at a fee of $1.50 for each brace. 

        Evald offers custom mat cutting.

o   Pricing is list price of mats required plus $9 for the first opening and $4 for each additional opening.  Please call for quote for any special projects you might have.  Special cuts on openings are available.

        Special Order Moulding/Materials

o   If we don’t stock a particular moulding or other items, we will try to locate it for you or find a substitute. Some conditions or fees may apply (Example below)

§  Freight cost

§  We will find similar at the very least

§  Special order items are not subject to promotional offers unless specified in the promotional announcement. 

        Backordered Materials

o   On occasions where we are out of stock on a specific product, we will keep backorders on record and you will be contacted when the items is back in stock.



      Evald offers a delivery service where possible. 

o   Orders over $125: FREE delivery

o   Orders $75 to $124.99: $5 delivery charge

o   Orders $74.99 or less: $10 delivery charge

      SpeeDee delivery and UPS is also available; call us if you prefer another carrier.

       Evald will offer “FREE” shipping via SpeeDee on chop orders over $100. (Excludes oversize and packing charges do apply).

§  UPS Large Package Specifications

§  SpeeDee Delivery Additional Charge Specifications

o   Please contact our team for any other offers related to shipping that are tailored to your needs.

      There is a packing fee for SpeeDee and UPS shipments. They are as follows:

o   The packing fee for ready-joined or joined frames is $6.95 per box, and we will accommodate as many frames as possible per box.

o   Single sheets of mat board/foam board are subject to box or packaging charges;

§  32x40: $4.70 per box (accommodates 25 mats)

§  40x60: $7.95 per box (accommodates 25 mats)


Replacements or Returns

       Inspect all items upon receipt (within 72 hours). Please notify Evald immediately if there is a problem or discrepancy to ensure a proper resolution.

       If there is a problem with order, replacements will be sent by the same delivery service as the original order.

       If product is returned for reasons other than an issue generated by Evald Moulding, we must be notified within 30 days of receipt.

    •No returns will be accepted without prior authorization from an Evald Customer Service Representative.  A Return Material Authorization (RMA) will be issued according to this policy.  Our customer will be responsible for the cost of original shipment plus a 30% restocking fee.

       No returns or credits will be accepted after 30 days from receipt of goods.

        We will not accept returns or issue credit on the following:

o   Length moulding that has been altered or defaced with writing.

o   Moulding that has been cut by customer.

o   Any moulding that has not been re-wrapped to protect it from damages.

o   Any chop that has been joined or assembled or readymade, ready-joined or joined frame that has been altered in any way.


Damaged Goods

       Evald is not liable for loss or damage by carrier. In the event of damage, save the merchandise and original packaging so that a proper claim can be filed with the carrier.  Immediate notification and/or photos upon arrival may aide a more efficient resolution.


Sample Support

        Corner samples are generally available to help our partners show the products we both would love to see our customers purchase.  Most samples are provided at no cost to you.  This process is quite costly and impacts our ability to keep prices fair for our partners.  If you request a sample we will work our hardest to enable you as best as we can.  On larger launches we ask that you be patient with our efforts to distribute the substantial volume of samples we get requests for each day. 

        Should you find that you are not able to place our samples onto your wall or you find a style that once had appeal has moved into the “no go” pile, please let us know right away.  We’d be happy to help those samples find a new home. Equally as important, we want to know your feedback on this product. 


Supporting Your Promotions

        Evald is happy to help you with your promotional sales. We will offer you a 10% discount on wood/metal chops, ready-joined, joined frames and length.  This promotion is valid for 4 consecutive weeks each calendar year.  This offer applies to current business accounts in good standing.  Please call for any additional information.



Evald offers no warranty expressed or implied for the purpose of use chosen by our customers.  Evald is not liable for any damages resulting from use of our products.