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 June 2017

A Letter from Evald's President

Dear Valued Partner:

I want to thank you for welcoming me into this very interesting industry over the last year.  I have learned a great deal about this industry and enjoyed hearing about how our company has been part of your effort to bring value to your customers.  When I look back at Evald’s history of price changes, I find that we normally put forth an increase in March or April.  As you may have noticed, we did not send out updated pricing for products as of yet.  We have been working hard to hold on to a stable structure for as long as feasible in these turbulent times.  We do anticipate making some slight changes in the coming period, but we are working to renegotiate with our supply chain to ensure that we can create a win-win environment for the entire chain; from wood harvester to your customer’s wall.

For the moment we have put into effect slight price changes on Nielsen Metal Moulding that coincides with Nielsen’s pricing for 2017 along with a change to our delivery structure to allow us to continue to provide that service.  Of course, if you have a project you want us to investigate because it is of a larger scale, please reach out to us; we love a challenge and want to help you achieve winning the project as much as we can. 

We also will be implementing a few other upcoming changes that will be effective on orders received on or after July 15th.  They are as follows:

Our packaging/handling fee will be $6.95 for assembled frames (Remember NO packing charges are levied for CHOPS or LENGTH).  This charge is only on packages shipping via common carrier.

Mat board/foam packaging/handling fees will be $4.70 for 32x40 materials

If you purchase 25 of the same item number mat/foam there will be NO package charges

This charge is only on packages shipping via common carrier.

Oversize mat/foam will encounter a $7.95 packaging/handling fee.

If you purchase 25 of the same item number mat/foam there will be NO package charges

This charge is only on packages shipping via common carrier.

Delivery will be adjusted to the following structure:

-On orders over $125, we will deliver for FREE

-On orders from $75 to $124.99, there will be a $5 delivery charge

-Orders that are $74.99 or less will receive a $10 delivery charge

Evald will no longer charge a Fuel Surcharge as a means to hide additional costs to you like others might be inclined to do. We are keeping this straightforward and simple in order to help you understand your delivery costs without surprises. 
Order processing time changes:

-Chops and length ship same day if placed before 2:30 pm CST.

-Delivery orders can be placed up to 2:30PM for next day delivery. 

I can assure you that we work diligently to avoid increases but, as the industry indexes rise, we can only absorb so much.  Please consider that the last time we changed the delivery structure was over 5 years ago.  Unless caused by outside influence we do not anticipate this to be a trend.  The packaging charges are a direct result of a significant increase in costs for cardboard.  If you are curious to read more on that, simply type “corrugated price increase 2017” in your favorite internet search engine and you’ll find news citing the 8%-10% price increases that are being delivered to operations across the country.  This is an area we don’t profit from.  In our effort to help offset these costs we do employ a great number of recycling practices in house but they simply are not enough to overcome this cost increase from the cardboard industry. 

If you are using a POS (Point Of Sale) system please ensure that your markup settings are correct for the given vendor you are buying from.  Another practice one might consider is to ensure that costs on like products from one vendor to another are being compared in a manner leaving you with the greatest profit potential.   

I’d like to reinforce that we do not send out emails or letters unless they are of actual impact to you and your business.  I hope to bring a bit more communication to you in the next month or so to help in our collective efforts to surround our customers’ art, pictures and more importantly, their daily lives with a great product with great workmanship. 



Brad Rocole

April 2017

Just a friendly reminder to our customers:
If choosing the 'CHOP & INSERT' option for your moulding, please keep in mind that the website is unable to figure in the insert price for you. This cost is added on once we here in the office enter the items into our system.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We want everyone to be aware that we have updated our terms, in effect as of December 15th, 2016.

Please follow this link to review our guidelines : Terms