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News Spotlight

Dear Valued Partner:

I hope this message finds you in good health and enjoying the summer.  I would like to introduce myself as the new President of Evald Moulding.  If you had the pleasure of meeting them, Ray and Peg Jaroch have gone on to enjoy their summer and beyond as they have entered into retirement.  I wish them the best and want to thank them for their work at Evald the past five years.

I would like to share a small bit about me.  I have enjoyed a variety of experiences so far in my life with many years serving in the United States Marine Corps, followed by a number of years working for a couple of industrial manufacturing companies that specialize in controls for power generation equipment.  So how did I get to Evald?  Well, I realized that I was seeking to be with a company that had strong values and a staff with a genuine appreciation of their customers.  In my search I found Evald to be an opportunity to take on a challenge with strong backing from the ownership, along with a team that has over half the staff with 10+ years working together.  To add to that, I am quite happy to be a larger part of my community as I am not in Central Europe quite so much.   So for me, this was not a choice about the framing industry, but a chance to lead a business that happens to be in the framing industry. 

I realize your time is your opportunity to earn business, so I wanted to let you know I am very interested in how Evald can be a greater part of your business.  To that end, I can offer to you a 20% discount off of our join price level in our price book for the month of August.  To help Evald, please keep an eye open for an email from us (via Survey Monkey) that lists 10 short survey questions that can shape our approach to challenges you suggest are on the top of your list. 

Going forward, I anticipate there will be changes to come.  Each change will be explored to ensure our collective longevity, increased variety of products and greater services.  Please feel free to contact me at to discuss any more specific topic you might have in mind.  My time is truly your time. 



Brad Rocole

About Us

Evald is a wholesale picture frame moulding company in Wisconsin. Shipping all over the United States. We have been in business since 1976. Evald offers wood moulding, metal moulding, foam board, matboard, matboard cutting services, readymade picture frames, specialty frames, and ovals. With a computerized matboard cutter Evald can also cut custom openings for matboard. Ordering is made simple with our quick order form or selecting your moulding and adding to your shopping cart. Once logged in you can view pricing and order online. We are more than happy to assist you with any custom framing needs. Contact our office with any further questions you may have.